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My World in a nutshell

The ramblings of an emotionally imbalanced teen on the road to recovery

9 June

Name: Sasha
Location: MA

Custom Clothing Maker

. Foreign films (esp. Japanese films) . my work . taking pictures . the color purple . cats . bell bottoms or flared jeans . BBQ sauce . silver jewelry .

Things that make me happy:

. Steve . Alexi Noel and JJ my Russian hamsters . Susie my cat . designing clothing . receiving postcards in the mail . long walks in the woods . hand written letters . love letters . long e-mails . watching a scary movie with someone to snuggle with . my journal . reading a really good book . walking on the beach . sleep . steamy hot showers . mr. ducky . video cameras . drawing . knowing someone cares . mellow music . blue pens . multi-player video games . writing. horror movies . dreams . playing the piano . good memories . comedies . hugs . having the ability to fly and move things with my mind in my dreams . nighttime . star gazing . feeling loved . snuggling with that special someone who always makes me happy . laying on my couch and watching cute and funny anime episodes .

. the olsen twins . Hilary Duff . homework . loud little kids . ignorant people . school lunch . the President's nose and lack of lips (Bush) . society and what it expects of people . bullies . models in magazines . people who think skinny people have it made . small yappy dogs . dishonesty . my hair . spelling because I suck at it . my forgetfulness . when people pretend to care but they really don't . how some people find it so easy to make me feel insignificant . people that spit in the middle of the sidewalk . people that don't take their shoes off when they walk into my apartment . swallowing pills . bees . school buses . weird scary staring guys . people who don't realize that no one wants to see steamy makeout sessions at the mall . headaches . racists . pointless TV shows . cold weather .

Things that make me sad:
. seeing dead animals at the side of the road . knowing someone is unhappy but not knowing how to help . people that think they understand what I go through . not being able to do something I should be able to . birthdays because I usually spend them alone . having to say goodbye . really missing someone . sad movies .


*Movie - Lucky Number Slevin*
Weird movie - High Heels and Low Lifes and Wasabi
*Book - Brave New World, Nice, and Innocent*
Book series - Angus, Thongs, and full frontal Snogging
*Actor - Scott Foely*
Actress - Audrey Tautou
*Band - TBA*
Emotions - happy and surprised
*Day - Wednesday*
TV Show - Lost

Anime series:
Kare Kano
Fruits Basket

Foreign Movies:
Kamikazi Girls
Bounce Ko Gals
House of Flying Daggers
Kung Fu Hustle
Battle Royale
I'm Not Scared
Sex and Lucia
A Short Film About Love