Its been a while...

I've decided that this journal has been the cause of much unneccessary stress and I shall write here no more... at least not for a while. I felt the need to make one last update because he's too cute to be kept to myself.

I finally got the chance to scan the pictures of Bobby, my little brother to be, into my computer and transferred to my laptop so now I can share them with the world!

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*grumbles to self*

I've been wanting to change up the layout on my site and I finally did something about it.... Here is a pic of what I want the front page to look like... though I don't know how to make a photoshop image into an actual page >_<

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If anyone reading this is really good with websites... think you could help me out? Thanks :)

06-06-06 gotta love it

Josh Blue has seriously just renewed my hope for all life has to offer. If he can over come all the obstacles that were thrown at him, then so can the rest of us..
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My pride and joy... and my company for the past week, heh

I love them both to death even though JJ never lets me pick him or Alexi up... How does he stop me from picking up Alexi you may ask? By biting me of course! But I can touch them and put them into their little balls to run around my feet, so its ok.. JJ will have to trust me someday! (He does if I put food in my hand, but he makes sure to nibble my fingers a few times before climbing into my hand >_<)

JJ is a bit camera shy (he's the white one)
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People from the US, I need your input!

Yoou may have already seen this... I've been posting it everywhere... mainly because I'd really like it to go somewhere, but also because it should be interesting, not just for me, but for anyone who is interested in fashion and culture and stuff :)
I've been working on a new project that I decided to call defining American street fashion. You can read more about it through that link. I would like a few pictures or just your insight on the matter to post up on my site that shows the whole range of styles that can be found here in the states. For example, what inspires your style? I'm really intereested to see if its people in the media, people in general, cultural background, a foreign culture interest.. there's just so much to list! Anyway, thanks in advance if you contribute ^_^

Does anyone have this song?

If you do, can I have it? lol, it took me forever to figure out what song it was....

Do It Tonight
Performed by Lava Baby

Sex on your mind,
with you I think it's all the time
What makes you act this way?
Undress me with your eyes,
depress me with your alibis
I know the games you play

Girls like boys,
but boys like playing not relating
Why won't you talk to me?
Some nice guys,
will notice when you're feeling pretty
Why won't you notice me?

I said "I love you",
but I never said I'd love you today
I thought I knew you,
but I never knew that you were this way
You've got me so confused
I can't tell if it's wrong or it's right
I want to kiss you,
but I don't think I can do it tonight

Tell me that you're going to love me
Make up some ridiculous story
Promise what you're gonna' do for me
And if I let you in I'll never see you again...